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5 star work

Dean warta

Earlier this year we noticed the water bills seemed high for our office. No showers, laundry or dishes typical for a family are done here but our bill was just as high as a family of 4. So we looked at the toilets. They were old, had slow leaks, and were not water savers. We had them replaced by GSM. Previously our water bill was averaging $51.50/month using 600 cubic feet of water. Now it is $17.88/month using 200 cubic feet of water!

Marissa G

The last thing I expected was to have my water heater fail but a cold shower was my first clue. The staff at GSM helped me choose a new water heater that was the right capacity and as efficient as possible. The installation was clean and quick. They even took my old one away for recycling so I didn’t have to deal with it!

Mike S

My master bath project is complete. Exclusively used GSM plumbers. Lots of pipes to move and got rid of the jet tub and corner shower stall and build new walk-in with linear drain.

I’m really happy with the service GSM provided on this project. They had not done a linear drain before but lined up the components perfectly. Also installed a new faucet and toilet.

Brian M

We just purchased a new Frigidaire refrigerator from GSM! They installed the new fridge and recycled our old one. The guys were very polite and professional and we love our new fridge! One stop shop! Thank you GSM!

Jeanine B.

I love my new Bryant air conditioner! It is so quiet compared to my old one. I’m also set for winter with a 96% efficiency Bryant furnace. Great installers from GSM.

Joseph M

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