Bluelight CIPP from GSM

Fix it & Forget it!

With the most advanced light-curing system available GSM is able to fix your sewer lateral or drain pipe and add years of life to it in the process. That’s right, GSM not only fixes your failing sewer line, once crews are done, you essentially have “new” sewer lateral that can provide up to 50 years or more of service.

CIPP Application cutaway

Fast & Effective Lateral Rehabilitation Solution

Now available from GSM, the Bluelight LED lining system is field proven for lateral repair with more than 2 million feet installed worldwide. The process is effective for sewer lines 150 feet in length and more! Plus, the Bluelight LED light head curing system is amazingly fast and allows the resin to cure up to five times faster than other methods. So, instead of having to wait with other methods, GSM can complete your sewer line repair in less than a day!

Minimal Disruption & Environmentally Safe

The Bluelight CIPP process is trenchless, which means minimal disruption to your yard, landscape, driveways, sidewalks, etc. GSM crews are able to operate within a small footprint, so even if you have restricted access to your yard or a difficult workspace, GSM can do the job no problem! In addition, the advanced Cured-in-Place Pipe liner uses environmentally safe materials and resins that are free from styrenes, odors or volatile chemicals or compounds.