Your home’s main sewer line, or sewer lateral, connects to the local sanitary sewer system. It provides the path for wastewater from your home to flow into the larger treatment system.

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Trenchless Repair For Your Lateral Sewer Line

Over time, old lateral sewer lines crack and breakdown causing messy sewer backups and ultimately needing repair or replacement. And, more often than not, because that sewer line is under your property, you, the homeowner, are responsible. In some areas, cities and municipalities are actually requiring homeowners to replace their sewer laterals to reduce the amount of fresh water entering the sewer system through old leaky sewer laterals.

But don’t worry, GSM can help! GSM now offers lateral line sewer pipe lining featuring the latest pipe liner equipment from Hammerhead Trenchless! The process can repair your damaged lateral sewer line and make it functional again. A pipe liner is inserted into the damaged sewer pipe, expanded to the diameter of the pipe and cured in place (CIPP). The best part is the process requires minimal digging, helping protect your yard and landscape!

Benefits of the Trenchless Pipe Liner Process

• Pipe lining is a less destructive solution to your main sewer pipe problems

• Less invasive option with less digging

• Epoxy seal lining walls of existing sewer pipes

Contact GSM and see if this option can work for you!

Bluelight Cured-in-Place Pipe Lining System!
The Most Advanced Method

GSM now offers the latest technology to rehabilitate your failing sewer line, Bluelight LED Cured-in-Place Pipe (CIPP) lining system from Hammerhead Trenchless! Ideal for laterals and small drainpipes, this new lining system repairs your sewer or drainpipe, helps protect it against future corrosion and is less disruptive than other traditional digging methods. And it’s faster than ever!

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