A boiler is really a whole house plumbing system, supplying both radiant heat and hot water in most instances. And while boiler systems can often operate trouble-free for many years, eventually problems can arise. For existing systems, a reduction in heat can be one of the first signs that there’s a problem with your boiler.

Boiler Repair and Replacement

Common Signs of Boiler Problems

  • Lack of heat from radiators
  • Lack of hot water
  • Low water pressure
  • Banging & creaking radiator and boiler pipes
  • Leaking pipes

While these signs might not indicate it’s time to replace your boiler, knowing when to replace it can help with planning and limit the amount of time you’re without heat or hot water. GSM can provide an expert evaluation of your boiler system.

Know When to Replace a Boiler

  • Boiler is no longer working efficiently: energy/cost
  • Average boiler lifespan 8-20 years
  • Varies by boiler type

GSM technicians are familiar with all different types of boiler systems and can assist you with boiler system repairs or replacement. Call your area GSM office in New Ulm, Hutchinson, Gibbon or Mankato today for boiler system maintenance, repair or replacement.