Buying and installing new kitchen, bath or laundry room appliances is not a job left to e-commerce. The decision is too important and carries too many variables to be accomplished through one-click shopping. Updating an appliance falls into the major purchase category and should be done with some careful consideration.

The GSM Appliance Showroom in New Ulm, MN let’s you get a firsthand look at all the high quality appliances that GSM carries. This is your opportunity to see colors and textures up close in real life. Get the true feel of what your new appliance will look like and how it will fit in with your overall kitchen design. Compare models side-by-side. Compare styles and sizes too!

Plus, by stopping by the GSM Appliance Showroom, you can see and experience the functionality of today’s appliances in person. Things may have changed significantly since the last time you looked at a refrigerator or washing machine. See what’s possible and see what works for you!

GSM Showroom

All Here, All on Display!

GSM proudly carries a full line of appliances from Frigidaire. The Frigidaire brand is synonymous with quality, performance and reliability. With the latest styles, colors and features, Frigidaire appliances can transform any kitchen or laundry room. In addition, GSM offers commercial grade appliances from Frigidaire, also on full display in the showroom.

While you’re there, ignite your love of grilling with the ultimate outdoor cooking appliance, the Big Green Egg! As an official dealer of the Big Green Egg, GSM has all of the models (seven Green Egg sizes), accessories (EGGcessories), racks, stands and mounting options.

You’ll find it all at
the GSM Appliance Showroom!

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Outdoor Cooking

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GSM’s friendly, knowledgeable staff is here to help as you work to improve the style, comfort and convenience of your home. Get special 1-on-1 attention from GSM’s appliance experts. Consult on site, discuss options and compare features.

With first-hand installation knowledge, GSM’s staff can answer all your questions and make recommendations based your wants, needs and specific situations. Make sure you find the appliance that’s right for you, visit the GSM Appliance Showroom today!